Christian missions: the process of generating a indigenous movement of church planting.

Cross-cultural missions: the task of taking the Gospel to other nations so that every human being may get the chance to accept J.esus as their Saviour.

Evangelism: is sharing the good news of the salvation that is available through Jesus Christ

Holistic mission: the means through which the glory of the Kingdom of God is announced and concretely manifested in history in anticipation of the end by the power of the Spirit.

Saturation: the process of filling a region, a nation or the entire world with churches so that every man, women and child may have the opportunity of hearing the gospel and accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

Church planting: the process of evangelism that results in new churches being planted.

Focused prayer: prayer that aims at specific objectives in time and substance, having the role of triggering God's involvement in resolving a given situation, all while providing a way to measure the results generated.