We believe the Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God, and the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

We believe Jesus Christ is God and that He was born of Virgin Mary, died, was resurrected, taken up to heaven, and will physically return in power and glory.

We believe in the salvation of the sinful man only by the grace of God, without the deeds of the law, by new birth and faith in Jesus Christ.

We believe in God the Holy Spirit who dwells in the heart of the believer, helping him to live a righteous life, to be a witness to Christ and to work for His glory.

We believe
in the Universal Church which is the body of Christ composed of all saved sinners who assemble together to glorify God in order to be edified and to teach the Gospel.

We believe
in the unity in the Holy Spirit of all children of God, born again believers.

We believe in the resurrection of the saved for eternal life, and of the wicked for eternal damnation, far from God’s face and glory.