MMU continued to take steps in developing a mission movement. For three years, MMU had two major objectives:

  1. To perform a national research able to provide a real representation of evangelical presence in Romania, and of the potential and needs.
  2. To develop relationships with pastors and elders of evangelical churches and with organizations having a similar profile from Romania and abroad.

These stages aimed at a gaining momentum. What was to follow needed synergy. The three major evangelical denominations were called to unite for a joint assessment and strategic planning. A saturation church planting conference followed.

National Missions Conference, Sinaia 2001
Motto: the Gospel for all people, a church for every locality.

The research revealed that Romania was far from being saturated with the Gospel. This triggered two targets:

  1. A church for every village and a church for every 10,000 inhabitants in urban areas.
  2. A church for every 1,000 inhabitants in villages and 1 church for every 5,000 inhabitants in urban areas.

The 23 regional church planting conferences that preceded the National Missions Conference raised the interest of the evangelical community. Thus:

  • 310 pastors and key denomination leaders registered as participants
  • 12 organizations, three denominations and the Evangelical Alliance participated and took part in organizing the conference.
  • The three major denominations: Pentecostals, Baptists and Brethren were challenged by the presented research data and committed to plant 1,800, 1000 and 711 churches respectively in the next 8 years.