MMU is a faith-based organisation that focuses on promoting the values of Christian faith within society. MMU sees Christian missions from a holistic perspective and aims to identify and meet the spiritual, emotional and material needs of people.

In 1993, a missionary team of UWM USA opens an office in Cluj and begins to share the vision of saturation church planting.

For the following two years, the UWM team developed relationships with pastors from all over Romania, and started to train church planters. At the same time, the Barnabas team was born - cross-denominational team that would be charged with coordinating a national church planting project.

By 1997, the entire UWM team had left Romania. The ministry was now continued by the Barnabas Team who received mentorship by two UWM missionaries: Eric Vilanueva and Steve Farina.

In 1997, the Barnaba team officially became a legal entity - Misiunea Mondiala Unita - The Alliance (a translation of United World Mission). Despite the name of the newly-established organization, MMU and UWM developed a relationship of collaboration and deep friendship, rather than subordination and have decided to be separate and distinct organizations.

Until 1998 MMU continued to be involved in church planting by mobilizing pastors and churches, by training church planters and by establishing regional church planting coordination teams.