OMEGA Saturation Church Planting Courses - one of the main instruments used to train church leaders in Romanian churches. This course contains the 5 modules. Download modules (5) here .

Zori 2000

Dawn 2000, Jim Montgomery - one of the most important books written on the saturation church planting vision. A must read for any church planter. Download here .

God's heart for Romania, is a material developed departing from the data gathered by MMU and OCI. A comprehensive analysis on of the evangelical community in Romania. English version by courtesy of OCI. Download here .

Viziunea Esenţială

Esential vision - a material created by the now dissolved Alliance for saturation church planting. Its purpose is to be a strategic suport for the saturation church planting ministry. A material on vision, for visionaries.

Download here .


The target - periodical publication designed to mobilise Christ's church to church planting in Romania.

Download here : Archive 2004, Archive 2005, Archive 2006, Archive 2007, Archive 2008.

(NOTE: Only available in Romanian)